We are strategic consultants.  Our range of specialties is unique.  We are specialists in the energy sector and in the music business.  We bring together Culture and Technology.  We speak Techology.  We speak Artistry. We speak Economic Development.  We speak large institutionalese. We strive to bring together people and to make institutions more robust and to make the world a better and more beautiful place.

Our areas of focus:

Strategic Networking

Get assistance to improve your network to find the connections your company requires.  With our vast array of contacts we can help you build your network.


With the enormous changes in the entertainment industry with new delivery platforms, new payment models, new competitors and disintermediation, there is enormous change in the Entertainment business.  BBRM can help you navigate these changes and can help you get your artists to the stages they deserve.


From Nuclear to Microgrids to Wind and GeoThermal to Coal Powered Electricity Generation Plants, we provide knowledgeable up to date consulting.  Our staff has 40 years of experience in with energy systems in the US and in Africa and Asia.  We ready to assist governments, utilities and start-ups.

Our Clients include: